• School Board votes "yes" on raises

    “I just want to say that this is a recognition of all the hard work the teachers do and and your recognition,” said one of the lead negotiators for the educators, Jim Lynette. “Teachers put in so much time and so much effort and this is sending them a message that you honor and respect them and you want to reward them for that.”

  • School Board to Consider Raises

    Frank Panian, Chief Human Resources Officer for the district, will be presenting the tentative agreements that have been reached.

  • REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: Hollywood North?

    Having just recently directed a short film with fellow scribe and actor Casey Biggs, Mande has seemingly “got the ball rolling” here and the amount of local talent that are responding to her call is astounding. Actors, writers, camera operators, producers… all here and coming out of the woodwork. Who knew? And others like Sabrina Pratt, who you can read about in this issue’s entertainment section, offering top notch training to aspiring actors and comedians is just another example of how the area is evolving and becoming a potential “Hollywood Annex.”

  • Volunteers needed for Paso Robles community Thanksgiving dinner

    “Thanksgiving for Paso Robles” is a celebration of thanks serving more than 1,000 men, women, and children a traditional Thanksgiving meal at Centennial Park at no cost. It is a true expression of community that brings diverse people together to share the day with others and is made possible through the generosity of caring individuals, students, organizations, churches, and businesses.

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Arts & Entertainment

Chef Antonio Varia talks porcini, Piemonte and coming to America

“He come by with a big chef hat, ‘You call that Minestrone?’” Varia growled, mimicking his father, “‘Throw it away! Do it again!’ — crazy.” So Varia said he learned to cut with precision. “I throw them away. Next time we make it better. I learn how to do it with love.” – Chef Antonio Varia

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Arts & Entertainment

Harvest Wine Weekend: Vino crew hits the road in search of crush festivities

“Well, that’s that,” I said to myself just as my husband’s voice broke through my apparent mild case of catatonia saying, “Stomp on them! You’ll never make any juice just standing there, the whole point is to squish them.” – Madeline Vail

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Arts & Entertainment

Glorious Volumes

“Well, I’ve been a drawer and a painter all my life,” said Asdel, “but this poetry thing is new. Well, 12 years. Is that new?” he laughs. “It’s new for me!”

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Arts & Entertainment

Discovering Haste

“It’s fun to continually stretch… I love what I do and I just feel fortunate to do it. That sums it up for most artists, I think.” – Pam Haste

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Arts & Entertainment

Pure Silver

“I was just checking the place out because I was so enthralled. He had all these old tools, and he goes, ‘Hey – you wanna try that?’ and I had already picked up some metal in our class before and tried it earlier, and so I had some idea what to do, so he got excited and hired me… I just fell into something that most people wouldn’t have the chance to fall into.” – Randy Stromsoe

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Additional Articles

  • Obituaries

    Lonnie Smith

    Lonnie Smith passed away on August 11, 2017 at Modoc Medical Center, Alturas. He was born on May 8, 1940 in Inglewood to Margaret Nelson and Lonnie (Tex) Smith. Lonnie was raised in Rolling Hills in Southern California, attending grammar schools there, and graduated from El Segundo High School in 1958.

  • Arts & Entertainment

    Tacos and Trump: Trevor Noah comes to Paso

    The star of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah performed a stand up show on Saturday night from at Vina Robles Amphitheater. It was a perfect, Central Coast summer night. As Noah walked to center stage the last few minutes of daylight danced a

  • Sports

    Paso Robles High School hosts volleyball camp

    Paso Robles High School will host two girls’ volleyball camps starting next week. There are two different sessions, each one running for two days. Each day of camp begins at 9 a.m. and will end at approximately 11 a.m. The first session will run Monday

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Pioneer Day

The annual Paso Robles Pioneer Day Parade rolled down Spring Street and around the downtown city square, featuring tractors, bands, equestrian entries and more.

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