The next City Council meeting is scheduled for Aug. 16

PASO ROBLES — During the Tuesday night Paso Robles City Council meeting, Caltrans provided a quarterly report and some special elections.

The first hearing regarded a completion of proceedings to form community facilities for the Olsen/South Chandler Ranch to provide maintenance and services including roadways, parks, and open space as well as police, fire, and community services.

Ongoing services for the area is equivalent to $582 per unit to escalate thereafter. The tax to cover the cost is collected by the city and then emitted 100 percent back to the city.


The Olsen/South Chandler Ranch Specific Plan Project is the proposed development 1,293 residential units ranging from single-family to multi-family homes.

On June 21, the City Council approved Resolution No.22-078, which initiated the formation of CFD No. 2022-2N (the “District” or “CFD No. 2022-2N”), approved the boundaries of the proposed district, described the public services to be provided, and proposed a rate and method of apportionment of special tax. 

Tuesday’s meeting was the first public hearing for the agenda item. There were no comments from the public on the item.

Council unanimously passed several resolutions under the Olsen/South Chandler Ranch maintenance and services:

Resolution22-XXX(A) Establishing the City of Paso Robles Community Facilities District No.2022-2N (Olsen/South Chandler Ranch – Services, and the Boundaries Thereof (the “Resolution of Formation”)

Resolution22-XXX(B) Calling a Special Election and Submitting to the Voters of the City of Paso Robles Community Facilities District No. 2022-2N (Olsen/South Chandler Ranch – Services), Propositions Regarding the Annual Levy of Special Taxes Within the Community Facilities District to Pay the Cost of Certain Public Services to be Provided by the Community Facilities District and Establishing an Appropriations Limit for the Community Facilities District (the “Resolution Calling Election”)

Resolution22-XXX(C) Declaring the Results of the Special Election within the City of PasoRobles Community Facilities District No. 2022-2N (Olsen/South Chandler Ranch — Services (the “Resolution Declaring Results of Election”)

Resolution 2022-2N was entitled to 158 votes — all of the votes were in favor of the resolution.

Agenda Item 12, Resolution 2022-1N, was very similar to Item 11. This item was approved for the infrastructure-related services regarding things like park and recreation improvements and facilities. 

The cost is estimated at $4,200 to $7,500 per year with no escalation.

Council unanimously approved similar resolutions, and there were no protests or comment from the public.

The result of the special election for the item resulted in a unanimous passing the relating ballots.

Agenda Item 13 was deferred for the next City Council meeting due to Councilmember Maria Garcia being absent. Her vote is needed due to two of the council members needing to abstain from the vote for conflict of interest.

The next Paso Robles City Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 16 at 6:30 p.m.