Clean-up day is Sept. 17 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Riverbank Lane

PASO ROBLES — The City of Paso Robles is holding its Annual Creeks to Coast Clean-up Day Event. This is a county-wide annual event where volunteers of all ages join City staff to remove trash and restore the health of our precious Salinas River. 

Creeks to Coast Clean-up Day is not only an event to remove trash from our waterways, but it’s a day for community residents to show commitment to healthy waterways and to learn about the Salinas River. The event provides an opportunity to come together with your families, your community, and your friends to accomplish something vital to the protection of our

precious Salinas River.


Unfortunately, waterways that run through cities and other urbanizing areas tend to collect trash (plastic bags, cigarette butts, fast-food containers, etc.) and other debris (mattresses, appliances, bikes, shopping carts, tires, etc.). Creeks to Coast Clean-up Day is a great way to bring community awareness of trash reduction within our urban environment and educating community members that littering and illegal dumping can harm our wildlife, ruin the aesthetics, as well as contribute to water pollution in the Salinas River.

The Salinas River provides important habitat for fish, amphibians, birds, and other wildlife. A healthy water system is an abundant natural resource, but trash and debris can harm and even kill local wildlife. Fall is an important time to remove trash from our creeks before rain from winter storms arrive and wash debris into our oceans. Thus, cleaning our waterways can improve our environment and keep us, our children, and wildlife safe.

On average, approximately 200 volunteers help in the Creeks to Coast Clean-up Day effort and remove nearly one ton of trash and debris. Collecting litter, mattresses,

lawnmowers, broken shopping carts, and tires among other items.

Please make sure to bring sunscreen, good shoes, a hat, some protective clothing. The City will have protective gloves, water, disinfecting wipes, bags, snacks, and a pizza party at the end of the event.

If you are interested in participating or donating any supplies for our 2022 Creek Day Event, please contact David LaCaro at (805) 227-7241 or at … or just show up at one of the listed locations noted above.

When: Saturday, Sept. 17, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Where: Larry Moore Park (behind Walmart), Riverbank Lane, Paso Robles