PASO ROBLES — The City of Paso Robles hired Paul Sloan as its new Economic Development Manager. Sloan has roughly 20 years of experience in marketing, tourism management, and business development.

Paul Sloan

He was the CEO of Tahiti Tourisme Worldwide, where he managed 45 staff members responsible for marketing Tahiti as a travel destination and facilitating business expansion. He returned to his hometown of Paso Robles last year and worked for the Chamber of Commerce as the Director of Economic Development through the end of June.

“Paso Robles is very fortunate to have someone with Mr. Sloan’s experience and abilities, as well as his commitment to serving his hometown community, occupying this key role at this time,” City Manager Tom Frutchey said. “We must do everything possible to assist businesses to recover from the pandemic, providing good jobs and career opportunities for our residents. With his collaborative style and creative approach to solving problems, he is the perfect person to engage key stakeholders and find effective ways to steward the economic future of Paso Robles and the region.”

As part of the fiscal year 2020-21 budget process, City Council decided to bring the economic development function in-house given the pandemic’s economic impacts and the critical nature of economic response and recovery. 


The Chamber of Commerce had managed economic development on behalf of the City for the prior three years in a contract that expired in June. 

Council identified “economic vitality” as one of its top five goals and strategic priorities in 2018. It has reinforced that designation since, as a high number of businesses and employees are struggling due to the pandemic.

“Raised in Paso Robles myself, and now raising my own family here, I relish the opportunity to work for the sustainable economic development of my hometown,” Sloan said. 

He holds a master’s in Marketing and Sustainable Tourism Development from the George Washington University School of Business in Washington, DC. Sloan lives in Paso Robles with his family.