This month, we are focusing on women’s health and hormones. Every woman is unique, and so is her hormonal balance. Understanding and effectively treating hormonal imbalances requires a whole-body approach, rather than looking at your health as a set of independent issues. This is especially true with hormones, which are all interrelated. The holistic approach we have advocated for so many years is very different from what you’ll see in today’s medical system, which at times can seem hopelessly out of touch with the care that real women deserve.

A hormonal imbalance occurs when normal levels and production of hormones in the endocrine system, or their ratio to other hormones, is disrupted. Some of the symptoms of hormonal imbalances are: mood swings, heavy or painful periods, low libido, insomnia and poor-quality sleep, unexplained weight gain, skin problems, fertility problems, headaches, weak bones and vaginal dryness.

At The Natural Alternative, we carry a variety of products by LifeSeasons that can help a woman balance her hormones at whatever stage of her journey she may find herself in, from puberty to menopause. Pausitivi-T for menopause support, Women’s Vitali-T for libido and mood support, and PreMense-T for PMS support, all which help create harmony in the body and relieve a variety of symptoms that you may be experiencing.
Wild yam and chaste tree by Medi-Herb and Herb Pharm are also a great options and have been used by women around the world to treat PMS and menopause. They can be used alone or in conjunction depending on what you are looking to achieve.

Cordyceps by Host Defense are a hormone-balancing powerhouse and have been used in Chinese medicine to treat imbalances and libido issues for centuries.

Bone Strength by New Chapter is one of our most popular women’s supplements and contains clinical-strength organic plant calcium to help reduce osteoporosis risk, with daily calcium plus Vitamin K2 & fermented D3 for better absorption.

The Natural Alternative would also like to announce the addition of our new nutritionist, Margaret Pauls. She is now available for consults and taking new clients. She specializes in women’s health and is a great resource for any issues or ailments you may be experiencing. Give us a call or come into the shop to speak with her or schedule an appointment.

Enjoy 20 percent off Hwy 9 Love Lotion from Be Rooted for the entire month of October.

— Kind Regards,
The Team at The Natural Alternative


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