The Floral Parlor encourages busy locals to ‘Petal It Forward’

PASO ROBLES — The Floral Parlor will be hitting the streets of Paso Robles on Wednesday, Oct. 18, handing out hundreds of flowers to locals in the downtown area to help brighten up their week as part of the ‘Petal it Forward’ program in partnership with the Society of American Florists (SAF), of which The Floral Parlor is a member. The Floral Parlor is joining hundreds of florists across the country in Petal It Forward. This random-acts-of-kindness effort is in response to the release of data by SAF showing the positive emotional benefits of flowers.

“We see the positive impact day in and day out when we make our flower deliveries,” said founder Sunny Sheldrake of The Floral Parlor. “People love to get flowers ‘just because,’ so we wanted to create random smiles today and give people a chance to do the same for someone else. We have the best community and love seeing our locals happy. We knew our little town would be perfect to celebrate Petal It Forward” 

“The impact of giving or receiving flowers is powerful and memorable,” said Sheldrake. “It can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one.”


Sheldrake and the Petal It Forward Team will give away hundreds of bouquets to locals visiting popular downtown spots like Downtown City Park or grabbing coffee at AMSTRDM or Spearhead. After receiving their flowers, recipients are asked to spread the happiness by gifting their extra flower bouquet and sharing their happiness on social media by tagging @thefloralparlor and using the hashtag #petalitforward.

For more information on the benefits of flowers, visit and