City of Atascadero expresses appreciation for the passing of SB 438

ATASCADERO — On Thursday, Jul. 22, Senator John Laird made a brief visit to Atascadero’s City Hall. To demonstrate the City’s appreciation for Laird’s efforts on its behalf, the Senator was surprised by city officials and staff with an informal celebration that included pizza and carrot cake, which is Laird’s favorite dessert, according to city officials.

The Mayor, Heather Moreno, City Council, and City staff members were on hand to express their sincere gratitude to Laird for what he’s achieved on behalf of the City and citizens of Atascadero. The Senator was able to give a brief update on various items of local interest coming before the State legislature.

The passage of Senate Bill (SB) 438 was sponsored by Senator John Laird and co-sponsored by Assembly Member Jordan Cunningham. The bill enables the City of Atascadero to receive repayment of three loans previously made to the former Redevelopment Agency totaling over $1.3 million, which the City could not have afforded to have forfeit.

In addition, Senator Laird recently announced that as part of the State’s budget package, nearly $22 million will be provided to address critical needs along California’s Central Coast. This includes $3 million in additional funding for the City of Atascadero to improve and further develop critical downtown infrastructure and help the community achieve a swift economic recovery.

“It was my sincere pleasure to partner with Mayor Heather Moreno, Council Member Susan Funk, and all of the hardworking city officials and city staff,” expressed Laird. “As SB 438 moves through the legislative process, I am proud to confirm that the funds have been secured through the state budget for the benefit of all residents and visitors of the City of Atascadero. These funds will ensure the City can continue providing much-needed services and support to all residents. Across the Central Coast, we must work collaboratively as we rebuild from the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and this investment of state dollars in the City of Atascadero is a meaningful step in the right direction.”

According to Mayor Moreno, “It was wonderful being able to thank Senator Laird in person today. We are sincerely grateful for his advocacy on behalf of the City of Atascadero and his unique understanding of local government, which has truly benefitted the jurisdictions he represents.”

Senator Laird planned to spend the entire day Thursday in the North County, including a visit to the California Mid-State Fair in neighboring Paso Robles, which he knows is very important to the entire County of San Luis Obispo.

Senator John Laird represents the 17th State Senate District, which includes all of Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo counties, and parts of Santa Clara County.