Elaina Cano, who served at position since October 2021, one of three candidates in June 7 vote

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY — Elaina Cano, who was appointed San Luis Obispo County clerk-recorder late last year, has declared her candidacy for the position on a permanent basis. 

Elaina Cano mug
Elaina Cano

Cano, who has lived in San Luis Obispo County with her husband, Marty, since 1992, is among three candidates for the non-partisan position, whose duties include that of county clerk, county recorder and registrar of voters.

San Luis Obispo Attorney Stew Jenkins and retired Army veteran James Baugh are the other candidates seeking the clerk-recorder position. The June primary election will be June 7.

She was appointed as county-clerk recorder by the County Board of Supervisors on Oct. 12, 2021, replacing Tommy Gong, who resigned earlier in the year. At the time of her appointment, she was serving as the Elections Manager for Santa Barbara County. 

Cano will base her campaign upon her qualifications as the only experienced candidate, having worked in the SLO County clerk-recorder’s office for almost five years before moving to her position in Santa Barbara County.

Cano currently manages the clerk-recorder’s office’s 21 employees and the implementation of the department’s $3.9 million budget. During the upcoming campaign, Cano will focus on informing voters about the various and complex aspects of the clerk-recorder’s office and more specifically, the changes to voters voting districts due to the recent redistricting efforts by the state and the County Board of Supervisors. Unlike political offices where candidates are selected for the agenda they will advance, the clerk-recorder’s office requires specific training and hands-on experience to ensure that the divisions continue to operate smoothly, efficiently and lawfully. 

Cano said she places a high priority on prompt, friendly and efficient customer service in all the divisions she leads. 

“I am proud of our employees who do a stellar job of serving our citizens,” she said. “I am committed to fairness, public access and personal accountability. I will make myself available at any time to meet with individuals and groups to discuss the operations of my department and my qualifications to continue to serve as County Clerk-Recorder.”

Cano is a principal member of the California Association of Clerks and Election Officials and a principal member of the County Recorders Association of California. Her membership in these organizations helps her to stay current on proposed laws, new technology or processes relating to elections and clerk-recorder responsibilities, and to collaborate with colleagues in the fifty-seven other counties in the state. 

Cano is a certified municipal clerk, registered elections official and a California Professional Election Administrator. She also holds an Associate of Arts degree from Cuesta College and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of LaVerne.