PASO ROBLES – The Paso Robles Police Association’s president, Officer Brett Mobley, announced yesterday that it is endorsing Paso Robles City Council Member Fred Strong for re-election to the City Council.

The Association made its decision following an extensive interview with Strong and a poll of its membership.

A look at Strong’s record on law enforcement shows that in March of 1991, as editor-in-chief of a local daily newspaper, Strong wrote an extensive editorial following the police beating of Rodney King in Watts that was also published by the State Police Association’s newsletter.

The editorial condemned the actions by the police officers involved but defended police officers in general as an honorable group that do their jobs efficiently and fairly. He pointed out that every profession has a small percentage of “bad apples” that need to be eliminated.

Since coming onto the Paso Robles City Council, Strong has consistently fought for personnel and proper equipment for the Police Department within the City’s ability to supply it.

Strong’s endorsement by the Paso Robles Police Association follows the earlier endorsement he received from the Lincoln Club of San Luis Obispo County.