Some of the resource websites provided on Safe Zone led to what ‘could be described as pornographic content’

PASO ROBLES — A link posted to the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District (PRJUSD) website’s Student Resources page has raised concerns among parents of students within the District.

During the Tuesday night board meeting’s public comment, a member of the Moms of Liberty group Jessica Barratt requested the Board address a link found on the District’s website, The Safe Zone Project


The Safe Zone Project is a “free online resource providing curricula, activities, and other resources for educators facilitating Safe Zone trainings (sexuality, gender, and LGBTQ+ education sessions), and learners who are hoping to explore these concepts on their own.” 

According to the website the Safe Zone was co-created by Sam Killermann, the creator of Hues.” “Hues is art, tools, and resources for global justice. A space to question the dogma, investigate the ways we might be creating barriers for ourselves, and explore paths to living social justice.”

In the Safe Zone’s resources are websites that Barratt described as “disturbing.” Some of the resource websites provided on Safe Zone led to what could be described as pornographic content.

Barratt, who said she typically attends Templeton Unified School District’s meetings, said the link was brought to her attention by another member of the Moms of Liberty group on Sep. 27. According to Barratt, the link was taken off of the District’s website a few days later. She requested the Board address the linked information at a future board meeting.

Screen Shots 2022 Safe Zone00001
The Student Equity section is no long available on the website. 

According to the screenshots Barratt provided, the Safe Zone Project was linked under the Student Equity section of the Student Services department on The Student Equity section is no long available on the website. 

Following Barratt’s comments in the meeting, there was no response from trustees. However, Paso Robles Press reached out to the District’s Superintendent, Curt Dubost, for comment. Dubost provided Paso Robles Press with his response to Barratt and said there is one more individual he needs to speak to for his internal investigation. 

In his response to Barratt, Dubost said he viewed the link and found it “highly inappropriate,” and he directed staff to investigate the matter.

During the staff’s preliminary findings, the District rolled over its website to a new service provider on Sep. 30. 

Dubost further explains they “ascertained the site in question was likely posted to the Student Services page of our old website late last Spring.”

He continues to say that because the website is hosted by a new provider, they do not have the ability to directly access the logs of who specifically posted the site and when. Dubost says they believe the Safe Zone link was approved without viewing their resource links. 

He does not believe that the site was “knowingly approved for posting, given the obviously inappropriate content. I offer this by way of explanation, not excuse. It should never have been allowed on our old or new site. I don’t believe, though, that it was intentionally posted.”

Dubost notes in his statement to Barratt that he has directed staff not to post any resource without fully scrutinizing any link attached. 

When Paso Robles Press reached out to the board trustees for comment, newly appointed trustee Kenneth Enney was the first and only to respond. 

Enney told Paso Robles Press that he requested an “external investigation” be conducted.

He explained concerns of the District violating obscenity laws and that it would be best for the incident to be investigated by the District Attorney first to avoid the District being accused of covering anything up.

Enney further explained, “We don’t need anything else that is going to divide the school community.”

Paso Robles Press is following this story and will provide updates when available.