District declares need for Fully Qualified Educators 

PASO ROBLES — A Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators (DON) was approved by trustees at the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District (PRJUSD) meeting on Tuesday night, Oct. 11.

The declaration is an “annual form submitted to the Commission by California employing agencies as required by statute.” The approved document is a revision made on the originally approved document for the 2022-2023 year on July 12. It declares a need of qualified educators for the district.

Superintendent Curt Dubost explained, “I fear that the number [of needed teachers] will continue to grow. We have a terrible time finding teacher applicants with any kind of credential, let alone core academic specialties. And that is a problem nationwide.”

Specifically, the district has a need of six CLAD/English Learner Authorizations (applicant already holds teaching credentials) and three bilingual educators.

The district also requested a need for limited assignment-permitted educators, which would include applicants holding a valid California teaching credential based on a baccalaureate degree and a professional preparation program, including student teaching. They are in need of 16 educators with this qualification.

The Tuesday night meeting is the first for new trustee Kenneth Enney, who was appointed last week to fill the seat left vacant by Chris Bausch. Enney was officially sworn in as trustee at the start of Tuesday’s meeting.

Action agenda item I.3. and Consent item H.5. were both pulled from the agenda due to staff needing more time to collect information.

Director of Student Services Tom Harrington presented an update on student enrollment and attendance for the first month of school. Between Aug. 15 through Sept. 9, enrollment and attendance were at 93.08 percent, which is a significant improvement compared to last year’s data which showed attendance at 91.15 percent.

Harrington clarified that about a one percent difference in Average Daily Attendance (ADA) per month is about $65,000 for the district. 

Assistant Superintendent, Business Services Brad Pawlowski presented the monthly financial budget update, which includes the percentage of funds used from July 1 through Sept. 30.

The report says the district has used 21.96 percent, meaning expenditures have not exceeded the 25 percent of funds for the year to date.

Trustees approved the increase of funding and two positions for the Fiscal Office. With the recent resignation of the Director of Fiscal Services, staff presented information outlining the increase in workload and responsibilities, with recommendations to mitigate the continuing turnover within the office.

The changes include an increase of pay to the director’s position and adds a position for a budget manager and project program specialist. The fiscal impact would be an estimated $236,99.98. The district will first focus on hiring a new Director of Fiscal Services.

The next regular school board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 25, at 6 p.m.