Salinas River hit a record 32.3 feet during the Monday storm

PASO ROBLES — After the Paso Robles City Disaster Council meeting, it was decided the Local Emergency Proclamation would remain in effect.

The disaster council met Thursday night, Jan. 12, for an update on damages and the City’s response to the winter storm that impacted the area heavily on Monday, Jan. 9. The original emergency proclamation was activated on Monday to last through 4 p.m. Tuesday.

City staff and law enforcement began steps to prepare for the incoming storm on Dec. 29, 2022, by notifying the homeless population who live in the Salinas Riverbed. Fire Chief Jonathan Stornetta told the council that notifications were placed throughout the riverbed and at entry points into various encampments. Emergency personnel also went to the El Camino Homeless Organization’s shelter in Paso Robles to notify them of the incoming weather and possible flooding.


On Jan. 4, additional evacuation warnings were issued by helicopter, and flyers were posted.

Stornetta stated the City kept in touch with the National Weather Service, who predicted the City to experience severe flooding. They were able to confirm the Salinas River hit a record 32.3 feet. 

During the storm on Monday and Tuesday, the dispatch center received 128 calls within a 36-hour period and 804 service calls. Stornetta praised the dispatch center for their dedication and work during the disastrous two days.

To accommodate the various evacuation orders placed along the Salinas River on Monday, the American Red Cross opened and staffed an emergency shelter in the Paso Robles Event Center. They received 12 overnight guests and 24 daytime evacuees. 

The initial assessment of damages in the City includes:

Damaged Utilities

  • Ronconi Wellfield
  • Lower City Water Yard
  • Main West Tank
  • Nacimiento SWTP
  • WWTP

Public Damage

  • 17 Structures Flood Damage
  • 4 Structures Tree Damage
  • 13 City Owned Trees

Damaged City Facilities

  • Public Safety Center
  • Senior Center
  • Fire Station 2
  • City Library
  • Centennial Park
  • Larry Moore Park

The City encourages the community to report damages to private property caused by the storm to the county’s damage website here The damage assessment information will determine if funding assistance will be made available to homeowners within the region.

The City praised staff and emergency responders for their work in responding to the storm damage and they look forward to receiving emergency funds from FEMA to assist in repairs. 

The emergency proclamation will remain in effect until further notice.