The City briefly said they are not considering vaccine mandates

PASO ROBLES — Paso Robles City Council met virtually for their regularly scheduled meeting on Oct. 5.

Following the COVID update from Fire Chief Jonathan Stornetta, public comments questioned data provided in the presentation and asked Council not to consider vaccine mandates for the City.

City Manager Ty Lewis did confirm there was no consideration for issuing a vaccine mandate in Paso Robles. 


Another caller asked for Stornetta to list his sources for data provided, which stated the majority of those hospitalized in SLO County are vaccinated. The caller asked for the source of this data and whether it could be proven.

Mayor Steve Martin said as a member of the governing board of both Twin Cities Community Hospital and Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, “the majority of the people who are hospitalized with COVID are unvaccinated.”

The caller noted that the data he has been following for months states otherwise but did not list his source.

Stornetta let the public know his data source came from the San Luis Obispo County Health Department.

After approving 18 consent agenda items, two public hearings were held.

Item 23. Public Hearing to Receive Community Input Regarding the Redrawing of Election District Boundaries

Staff received a report from staff on the redistricting process and criteria considered to redraw district boundaries. This is the second public hearing for redistricting.

The City adopted current district boundaries based on 2010 census data as required by law. Every ten years, cities with by-district election systems must use new census data to review and, if needed, redraw district lines to reflect local populations changes. 

The redistricting process for the City of Paso Robles must be completed by Apr. 17, 2022.

The third and fourth public hearings are scheduled for Mar. 1, 2022, and Apr. 5, 2022, but are subject to change.

The total cost for completing the redistricting process is approximately $30,000 and is included in the baseline budget for the fiscal year 2021-22.

There was no public comment for this item.

Item 24. Planned Development 20-17 and Conditional Use Permit 21-21 (P20-00085) ABI Construction Nutwood Circle / APN: 009-851-016 / Lot 2 of Tract 1699 Applicant/Owner – Andy Brown

Council approved a developmental and conditional use permit for ABI Construction, with a 5-0 vote. 

The project site is located on a two-acre parcel located on the north side of Nutwood Circle, west of Theatre Drive, at 70 Nutwood Circle.

On behalf of ABI Construction, JB Drafting has submitted a development application for PD 20-17 and Conditional Use Permit (CUP) 21-21, requesting to develop the site with a new 6,200 square foot industrial building for ABI Construction that would include a maintenance shop and office. Accessory to the ABI building would be an outdoor area for parking construction equipment and materials.

There was no public comment for this item.

Item 25. Participation in the San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority, Resolution with Conditions to Remain a Member

According to the items report:

“The Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA) is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) comprised of the County of San Luis Obispo (County), seven cities (Arroyo Grande, Atascadero, Grover Beach, Morro Bay, Paso Robles, Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo) and Community Services Districts. The IWMA assists member agencies with managing hazardous waste, solid waste, universal waste (e.g., batteries), recycling, and food/green waste.

The IWMA is away for the JPA members to pool resources and cost-effectively comply with various solid waste regulations, including the recently enacted Short Lived Climate Pollutants regulations – commonly referred to as Senate Bill (SB) 1383. The IWMA staff administer over 40 different solid waste programs, including monitoring and reporting to the State, household hazardous waste collection, electronics waste collection, sharps disposal, and public education and outreach.

The City supports the IWMA through payment of solid waste management fees imposed on all solid waste ratepayers and payment of landfill tipping fee surcharges.”

On Aug. 10, the County Board of Supervisors held a hearing to decide whether to withdraw from the IWMA. Despite projected increased costs to the County and stated opposition from City of Paso Robles, the County Board of Supervisors voted to withdraw from the IWMA and implement an independent county solid waste compliance program. On Sept 14, 2021, the County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to formally notify the IWMA of its intent to withdraw on Nov. 15, 2021.

This decision also followed allegations made against IWMA by a private investigator. In addition, the County’s District Attorney filed a felony criminal complaint against the IWMA’s former secretary for embezzlement and destruction of public records.

With a 4-1 vote, Council approved staff’s recommendation: “City of Paso Robles to remain a member agency of the San Luis Obispo County IWMA provided the conditions are satisfied.”

Councilman John Hamon voted no, saying, “I can’t vote in favor of this until the JPA is completely rewritten in our favor.”

The next City Council Regular Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 19 at 6:30 p.m.