The over-$1,600 donation will help pay for supplies at the clubhouse

PASO ROBLES — Must! Charities Youth Board members have showcased their dedication to community service by actively volunteering and raising funds for multiple nonprofit organizations throughout the year. Three students from the board recently lent their time and effort to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Cost Tom Maas Clubhouse in Paso Robles, where they engaged with staff and students in a positive and impactful manner.

Impressed by the vital services provided to families through the Paso Club, the students recognized the need for additional art supplies and craft materials to enhance the creative activities offered to the children. As part of their philanthropic efforts, the Must! Charities Youth Board selected Tom Maas Clubhouse as one of the nonprofits they wished to support.

The generosity and hard work of these young individuals culminated in a moment of celebration as they presented a substantial donation check to the Tom Maas Clubhouse. The staff and beneficiaries of the clubhouse were thrilled and deeply grateful for the contribution.


Must! Charities is renowned for its dedication to managing social giving and fostering lasting solutions to address critical community needs. The support provided by the Must! Charities Youth Board, combined with their ongoing commitment to philanthropy, exemplifies their mission to inspire positive change in the community.

It is worth noting that Must! Charities plays a significant role in supporting the clubhouse in Creston, making it possible for the facility to continue its valuable work.

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Feature Image: Kids at the Tom Maas Clubhouse in Paso Robles display the big check of the $1,659 donation from the Must! Charities Youth Board. Contributed Photo