Program aims to build awareness of local nonprofits, increase organizations served and communities impacted

PASO ROBLES — Must! Charities’ $100K Out of the Box Investment will invest a total of $100,000 into organizations in SLO County, serving what it calls the community’s greatest resource: people. 

“No ask too small, no ask too simple, and no ask overlooked,” the nonprofit states.

Since its inception, Must! Charities has invested over $5M into the community. 


“And while we are grateful to have made the impacts we have, we feel it is not enough,” the nonprofit said in a press release. “We need to know even more about the needs of organizations that serve on the front lines, with boots on the ground.”

“The organizations and foundations in our region have an abundance of expertise and know-how to best serve,” says Randy Gray, community projects manager at Must! Charities. “What we bring is resources to strategically invest in partnerships with them, together building a stronger community and increasing the impacts to our most precious resource: people.”

For organizations who want to get “out of the box” with Must! Charities, they can:

ONE: Answer yes to:

  • Are you a 501(c)3?
  • Do you have a need that will create positive, measurable change for your organization and the people you serve?

TWO: Determine what project ($500-$10K) will create a positive change in your organization and our community.

THREE: Apply online (spoiler alert: it is fast and easy) at

About Must! Charities

Must! Charities identifies the most critical needs in the community, vets organizations that are serving those needs, then invests in the organization’s infrastructure so they are well-positioned to create positive, measurable change for years to come. Must! Charities an intrinsic desire to build a stronger community through an investment-minded approach. It consists of small business owners, stay-at-home parents, middle managers, college students, and CEOs of major firms who together harness the community’s collective giving potential. 

To learn more or become a partner, please visit or call (805) 226-5788.