If you see a scruffy Paso Robles Police officer around town, please note it is for a good cause. And no, he has not given up on shaving because it’s 2020, even though that could be a pretty good excuse not to shave.

Each year, the Paso Robles Police Department (PRPD) participates in “No Shave November” to raise cancer awareness. Each November, officers donate a minimum of $50 in return for a shaving exemption. 

This year, the cause behind “No Shave November” hits a little closer to home.

Andrea, PRPD’s records clerk, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram, so officers throughout the department reached out to Andrea, asking how they could help. 


In a statement released by PRPD, Andrea asked that the department donate any money raised to local cancer charities. 

“Always humble and thinking of others, she wanted all money donated by the officers to be given to two local organizations that have given her strength, support, and hope, during her battle.”

Andrea asked that the proceeds be donated to Cancer Support Community and the Hearst Cancer Resource Center.

This year’s “No-Shave November” campaign will run from Nov. 18 through the end of the year. 

So if you see a scruffy officer out there, thank them for their help in fighting cancer!

To help join the fight, see the links below to donate!

Cancer Support Community: cscslo.org/Portal/Donate

Hearst Cancer Resource Center (in designation dropdown, select Hearst Cancer Resource Center): supportfrenchhospital.org/donate-now