The competition is sponsored by the El Paso de Robles Chapter of NSDAR 

PASO ROBLES — Earlier this year, sixth- through eighth-grade students throughout North County were invited to participate in the annual Youth Citizenship Contest by the El Paso de Robles Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR). 

One winner from each grade at participating schools was chosen for their representation of honor, service, courage, leadership, and patriotism. The winners were presented with a medal and certificate from the El Paso de Robles Chapter of NSDAR. The chapter’s youth committee conducts the American History Essay Contest, the DAR Good Citizens, and the DAR Youth Citizenship Contest. All contests are open to students in public, private, parochial schools and registered home-study programs.

Below are the 2022 Youth Citizenship Contest winners presented by the El Paso de Robles Chapter of NSDAR: 

Shandon Middle School

  • 6th Grade | Cesar Vasquez, son of Florentina Rodriguez and Bonblio Vasquez
  • 7th Grade | Fabiola Uzeta, daughter of Ana Rendon and Jose Uzeta

Atascadero Middle School

  • 6th Grade | Laney Arnold, daughter of Jessica and Joey Arnold 
  • 7th Grade | Isabella Tomasini, daughter of Sandy and Ben Tomasini 
  • 8th Grade | Cara Miranda, daughter of Megan and Matthew Miranda 

Daniel Lewis Middle School

  • 6th Grade | Becca Hamilton, daughter of Dawn and Scott Hamilton 
  • 7th Grade | Hailey Nicklas, daughter of Trina and David Nicklas 

Paso Robles Home School

  • 6th Grade | Angelo Mercado, son of Martha and Jorge Mercado 
  • 7th Grade | Cali Perea, daughter of Tiffany Avina 
  • 8th Grade | Annalise Beck, daughter of Angela and Walt Beck

Pleasant Valley School

  • 6th Grade | Maddison Holman, daughter of Aja and Robert Holman

Templeton Hills Seventh Day Adventist School

  • 6th Grade | Sage Parrish, daughter of Lestari and Shawn Parrish
  • 7th Grade | Pearl Ojida, daughter of Joanne Ojida
  • 8th Grade | Tristen Sorensen, son of Athena and Shawn Sorensen

Templeton Home School

  • Evelyn Biles, daughter of Conni and Antony Biles

Templeton Middle School

  • 8th Grade | Katherine Nicholson, daughter of Cynthia and Jed Nicholson

Trinity Lutheran School

  • 6th Grade | Michael Simas, son of Michaele and Steve Simas
  • 7th Grade | Rowan Yakush
  • 8th Grade | Alison Hopkins, daughter of Lisa and Brian Hopkins 


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