Owner Jody Storsteen continues to serve homemade meals from Berry Hill Bistro now at Paso Market Walk

PASO ROBLES — After 17 years, Berry Hill Bistro closed its Downtown Paso Robles location and reopens in the Paso Market Walk as The Third Degree: An American Grill by Berry Hill.

On Aug. 1, 2020, The Third Degree made its opening debut with the Paso Market Walk. With a new concept and menu, owner Jody Storsteen still brings customers delicious homemade meals they expect from the former Berry Hill restaurant. 

“I had a great 17 years downtown, I loved it, and then when this concept came up, I was like ‘hey, let’s try something new.’ Change is good,” said Storsteen.

third degree burger

The Third Degree offers specialty burgers, salads, and sandwiches at a faster pace without sacrificing quality. 

When business and life pick up after recovering from the pandemic, Storsteen hopes to add a grab-and-go bar with homemade and ready-to-eat meals.

“Local people have been supportive of the Paso Market Walk and the Third Degree, especially people now finding out that we were Berry Hill. Coming back, saying how much they miss us downtown and like the vision of what this will be someday,” Storsteen said.

Storsteen had already sold her Berry Hill Bistro location and planned on moving onto her next Third Degree venture before the COVID pandemic.

“Of course, I wasn’t planning on the pandemic happening right when it did because we were shut down on Mar. 17 — so we were unable to tell all our customers, and we were going to have big going away parties and telling people that we were moving. They’re just now discovering that we’re here and a part of Berry Hill,” said Storsteen.

The Third Degree Grill is actually Storsteen’s third restaurant venture.


Before Berry Hill Bistro, Storsteen purchased and ran the JBJ’s RoundUp Pizza in Cambria for 15 years. Storsteen’s time at the pizza restaurant was where she learned how to run a restaurant and kicked off her love for the industry. 

Growing up, Storsteen enjoyed being in the kitchen like many of her family members. 

Storsteen explained, “I didn’t go to culinary school, but from my grandmother all the way from my mother to my aunts, we’ve all been in the kitchen. And I just did a lot of research, and I guess I have a love for it, and it just comes out. That’s my creative outlet.”

Eventually, Storsteen found her way to Paso Robles and moved there while still running the pizza restaurant in Cambria. Before opening the bistro, Storsteen purchased the Berry Hill Farm but later sold it to focus on the bistro.

Storsteen mentions she has a bit of bad luck when it comes to opening restaurants, “When I opened the Berry Hill Bistro 17 years ago, I was open for two weeks, and then we had the earthquake.”

rotisserie cobb salad

But now, after surviving what was hopefully the worst of COVID lockdowns, California wildfires which prevented outdoor dining along with heat waves when only outdoor was permitted, Storsteen says she can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Storsteen thanks her dedicated staff, including her manager, who has been with her since JBJ Pizza.

Being a business in the Paso Market Walk has given Storsteen a sense of community and lit a new passion for her. 

“I think that’s what I liked about coming here to the Paso Market Walk. It was a whole new passion. It was something new and different, and it’s been challenging because of the pandemic, but it’s also been fun–we’re optimistic about the future for sure,” says Storsteen.

She continued, “We do see a light at the end of the tunnel. Things are starting to get better–we’re really looking forward to summer.”

Find The Third Degree: An American Grill by Berry Hill inside the Paso Market Walk at 1803 Spring Street and check out their new menu at thirddegreegrill.com 

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The Third Degree: An American Grill by Berry Hill