PASO ROBLES — Six local authors will host book readings, book signings and activities at the Paso Robles City Library next week, April 1-5, for Children’s Author Week.

Monday, April 1 at 10 a.m., Vanessa Salas will read from her book “Calm McYogi’s Farm.” The book teaches young readers how to move their bodies in a safe and fun way with breathing exercises, guided visualizations, and kid-friendly affirmations while exploring themes of animals and nature the yoga way.

Salas is a proud Mexican-American wife, mother, and entrepreneur. She has dedicated herself to the nurturing development of kids and families through yoga and mindfulness practices. Her continued goal is to bring happiness, confidence, mindfulness, and inner strength to youth.

Tuesday, April 2 at a.m., Ashley Howard-Walter will read from her book “Let It Bee.” The story follows Wee Bee, who finds her purpose when she takes the time to quiet her busy mind. It teaches readers about self-awareness and intentional action.

Howard-Walter is a former school counselor, school administrator, and mother of two. She brings her innate emotional intelligence and experience to an inspiring story with a powerful message for creative problem-solving.

Wednesday, April 3 at 1 p.m., Shanda Renee will read from her book “The Little Blue Bird: Flying in the Sky.” The book tells the story of Little Blue Bird, who leaves its nest for the first time and gets lost in the rain, but with a little help along the way, finds its way safely back. This first book in the series teaches readers that good things can come from difficult challenges.

Renee is a writer, filmmaker, entrepreneur and philanthropist. The book was inspired by her lifelong passion for caring for and raising children. The concept of the book started as a song Renee would sing on one of the many walks she took with a little girl named Bohdi. She would sing to Bohdi, and together as they walked, day after day, week after week, the story grew, and the book series was born.

Thursday, April 4 at 1 p.m., Jasmine Pickett will read from her book “The Adventures of Jaz and Lulu: Chasing the Moon.” The story of Jaz, a spirited girl with a heart full of dreams, and her faithful companion, Lulu, an adventurous unicycle, was inspired by true events from the author’s childhood.

Pickett’s grandmother would often take her and her brothers on long car rides in the evening to chase after the moon. This chase was such a monumental experience for Pickett that it planted a seed within her to go after those things that seem impossible or just out of reach.

Friday, April 5 at 1 p.m., authors Kimmil Hollis and Crystal Lopez will read from their book “Anger Turns Imotakon.” This graphic novel follows the adventures of Atomic, a fearless hero that lands on Earth to guide children through real-life challenges, revealing the secrets of their Coping Powers and teaching the essential tools of anger management.

Hollis and Lopez are both licensed marriage and family therapists. Lopez has more than seven years of experience treating trauma in children, families and adults. Hollis has more than nine years of experience working with children in the education system and mental health clinics. Their aim was to create a fun and engaging book to help kids learn how to regulate their emotions.

All events are free to attend. Authors may have their books for sale but purchase is optional. All activities will be held in the library’s story hour room.