Breast cancer is the United States’ second leading cause of cancer deaths in women today.  Although October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” let’s focus on breast cancer prevention and screenings in addition to the “awareness” of the causes.  

Many studies have concluded that breast cancer is linked to estrogen exposure. Although hormone imbalance (estrogen dominance) and synthetic estrogen (including birth control pills) may contribute to a higher estrogen exposure, there are environmental factors involved as well.  Unless you eat organic poultry, eggs, dairy, wild caught fish and grass fed beef, you are exposing yourself to the hormones and antibiotics routinely given to the animals you consume. In addition, those healthy fruits and vegetables may be heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides that act as “endocrine disruptors” that may also increase your risk of breast cancer.  

Poor diet, including sugar, trans fats and some vegetable oils is one of the reasons there is five times as much breast cancer in the United States than in most other parts of the world.

What foods are protective? Fish and fish oils (avoid farm raised sources), flaxseeds, coconut oil, lots of organic fresh fruits and vegetables, especially berries and cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale) and fiber found in beans, legumes, sweet potatoes, chia seeds, brown rice, etc.


What else? Many “xenoestrogens” or “estrogen mimics” are found in your personal care products from deodorants, toothpaste, soap, makeup, lotions, laundry detergent and fabric softener… the list goes on. It has been reported the average woman comes into contact with approximately 1,000 chemicals before she even leaves the house each day! An April 2006 report in the Journal of Applied Toxicology stated there is evidence that aluminum salts (found in antiperspirants) travel from the skin into the body where they mimic estrogen.  

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Bobbi and her team at The Natural Alternative