A message from Pioneer Day chairman Paul Viborg:

Paul Viborg

Welcome to our 89th Pioneer Day! The very first celebration was held on October 12, 1931. Fast forward to today and we will be celebrating on the exact same day as the very first parade! 

The original goal was to provide a day of community friendship and to commemorate the heritage of Paso Robles. We are once again celebrating this annual festivity that is truly unique to Paso Robles. Pioneer Day has long been an ode to our past and the humble beginnings from which we have come. 

We come together each year to celebrate the old and bring in the new, just as we have been doing for almost 90 years… that’s a long time holding on to this tradition and the many years celebrating our uniqueness. Pioneer Day is one of those special days that we can celebrate good old fashioned Americana, right here in our home town. Take a look at the tractors, the horses, the floats, the bands, the Shiners’ and even a Caballero riding a bull down the parade route! You won’t find anything like this anywhere else! 

Come and enjoy the bean feed in the park and all the activities that make up this amazing day! Please enjoy this fun-filled day with friends and family…


A message from Vice Chairman Les Stemper

Les Stemper

The 89th Pioneer Day Parade. People and kids line the streets and the park to hear and to see the tractors, wagons, marching bands, the Queen and her court, the Marshalls, and they can’t wait for the free beans in the park. Oh, my!

It’s a fun day to also go down to the Pioneer Museum, and see the Jeanesville pump project, and tractors and wagons from the parade up close.