Wine and business industry leaders gather to invest in the Greater Paso Robles Wine Region

PASO ROBLES — Wine industry and business leaders from across the country once again came together at Must! Charities’ PURPOSE event with a shared passion to give back — and the results were astounding. Indeed, in only its third year, PURPOSE raised nearly $2 million, generating over $5.5 million in its three-year rise to fame. 

Quickly becoming renown as “the best damn party in Paso Robles,” PURPOSE is more than fine dining, luxurious auction lots, and festive live performances. It is a party with a heart, dedicated to supporting critical needs in the greater Paso Robles Wine region and beyond. The overwhelming success of the event stems from how it organically originated from small vintners who harnessed the power of allocation lists.

“As our region continues to develop as a world class wine destination, it’s essential we invest to make sure everyone benefits,” Andy Niner, this year’s host of PURPOSE said. “That’s what Must! does and we are honored to be a part of something that has tangible, real-time results in our region.”


PURPOSE’S darling this year was the “Fund a Need” lot benefitting the Must/Ready2Act Fund which addresses a crucial need for Must! Charities. As we look into the next decade, Must! sees a future where they will need to be more proactive, more nimble.

The Must/Ready2Act Fund will enable Must! Charities to continue to carefully consider, develop, and vet projects with their growing list of community nonprofit partners, but also allows them to fund these projects immediately when the time is right.

“While we continue to grow and expand our reach, the process to vet and fund projects will need to be faster,” said Becky Gray, Executive Director of Must! Charities. “And as we move faster on projects of increasing urgency, it will require innovative ways to solve some of our communities’ most complex issues.”

While Must! Charities has historically been a grassroots effort in the region, PURPOSE extends the organization’s reach by bringing local Paso Roblans and out-of-towners together. The result allows for greater reach and leverage, increasing the impact for those who need it most. The success of PURPOSE ultimately gives Must! Charities increased capacity to move the needle on social issues.

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