Planning commissioners continue discussion on modifications made to Master Development Plan

PASO ROBLES — A public hearing for the Beechwood Specific Plan was heard during the Aug. 22 Paso Robles City Planning Commission meeting. The Beechwood Specific Plan (BSP) is the approved housing development located on Meadowlark Road, Creston Road, and Beechwood Drive.

On the table for discussion was approving the Vesting Tentative Map 3192 and Master Development Plan PD 22-19 to subdivide Planning Areas J (40 acres) of the Beechwood Specific Plan.

The BSP was originally approved by City Council in October 2020. The project is currently in the development and planning process. The proposed small lot subdivision map outlines the creation of 93 lots, 76 designated for single-family homes and 13 for private streets, basins, and open spaces. Approval of subdivision tract improvement plans is necessary before the final map is recorded. These plans encompass grading, retaining walls, street enhancements (including sidewalks and lighting), landscaping, irrigation, pedestrian trails, underground utilities, perimeter walls, entry features, and stormwater facilities. 

The project’s fiscal impact is addressed through a Development Agreement, which establishes the framework for forming two co-terminal community facilities districts (CFDs) and implementing special taxes. These taxes aim to counterbalance infrastructure maintenance and city services costs. By combining the CFD special taxes with General Fund revenues, the overall financial effect on the city is projected to be fiscally neutral.

In regards to existing oak trees on the BSP property projects, D 22-19 and VTTM 3192 align with approved tree removals in accordance with the City Council’s Specific Plan endorsement. Under OTR 19-05 Res. 20-154, six trees can be removed; however, the new MDP and VTTM 3192 submissions intend to spare two trees (Tree 106 & 107) initially slated for removal and eliminate one tree (Tree 108), totaling five removals. 

Adjustments to the Oak Tree Removal Plan are expected during precise grading plan evaluation, possibly including the retention of some initially marked for removal and vice versa, subject to assessment by the project’s Arborist and City Staff for compliance with OTR 19-05. Non-compliant oak tree removals will require City Council review and approval.

Planning commissioners came forward with several questions, leading them to decide to continue approving the changes to the Sept. 12 Planning Commission meeting. Some questions surrounded the height of some of the fences around the properties, proposed street names, and a proposed park that is looking to be relocated within the BSP.

Find more information on the Beechwood Specific Plan here

The next Paso Robles City Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 5, at 6:30 p.m. and the next Planning Commission meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 12, at 6:30 p.m.