Drivers urged to use caution while driving through ag regions busy with harvest crews and equipment

NORTH COUNTY — In preparation for the upcoming wine grape harvest season, Holloway Agriculture has initiated a #BrakeForHarvest public service announcement campaign, urging drivers to exercise increased caution while navigating agricultural zones bustling with harvest crews and machinery.

Addressing rural residents, Holloway emphasizes the crucial role drivers play in ensuring the safety of both ag workers and road users. As September and October bring the busy harvest period, the campaign stresses the importance of reduced speeds, avoiding distractions, and heightened vigilance in intersections and active harvest areas.

The inspiration behind the campaign arose when Holloway Ag Operations Manager Alex Parson witnessed heavy equipment operators struggling to navigate turns amid speeding vehicles. Recognizing the unique challenges posed by oversized agricultural equipment on public roads during harvest, Holloway aims to heighten driver awareness and foster a safer environment for all.


“The trailers, heavy machinery and harvesting equipment aren’t made for the roads,” Parsons explained. “They’re made for harvest, on our local farms. A lot of this equipment is oversized, and slow on the road, so we’re hoping the campaign helps increase driver awareness and improves harvest crew safety during this busy time of year.”

Holloway encourages individuals within and beyond the agriculture industry to support and disseminate the #BrakeForHarvest campaign across social media platforms. Additional information, #BrakeForHarvest logos, sample social media content, and images of harvest machinery on local roadways can be accessed at The campaign will run throughout the harvest season, concluding in October.