The next Art in the Park show will be on Oct. 15 and 16

PASO ROBLES — Approximately 7,000 people showed up at the Paso Robles City Park last weekend to enjoy this year’s Paso Robles Art in the Park. 

Paso Art in the Park Rick Evans 4
Photos by Rick Evans/PRP

After two years, the Paso Robles Art in the Park was finally able to bring back its April showing. Steve Powers produces the Art in the Park show in the Paso Robles City Park twice a year. However, both shows were canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions, only to return in October 2021.

Powers has been directing art shows in California since 1975. He first became involved with art shows when he started selling his handmade leather belts at shows during his college years. 

“I have a lot of good help,” Powers said, “a good show manager and a support team.”

Both Saturday and Sunday saw about 3,000 people each day, making it a very successful day for artists. Powers was told by several artists who attended the October 2021 show that they were able to triple their sales. Many of the fine artists were able to sell their original work, estimated at around $7,000.

Powers only allows original art in the show. All items are handcrafted by the artist, who is with their work in the park. Visitors and art shoppers were able to speak with the artist directly and in person, something rarely seen at art shows anymore, Powers explains.

Each year the show brings in new artists. This year Powers says artists came to Paso Robles all the way from Oregan and Arizona, all showcasing their original work. 

The show managed to have great weather, following some hot days the week before and colder windy days following the show.

This year over 135 fine artists and craft designers returned to the show, ready to showcase their creations. Celebrating five years in 2022, the Paso Robles Art in the Park Show has become the largest and finest show in San Luis Obispo County. 

Art varied from fine art, metal and leatherwork, photography, jewelry, stained glass, and even handmade clothing. Many of the artists are San Luis Obispo County locals, and others come from all over California and beyond. In the past, visitors of the show came from all over the Nation, along with Europe, while here touring the State.

The next Art in the Park show will be on Oct. 15 and 16. For more information, visit