Local artists and craftsmen showcase creativity amidst weekend showers

PASO ROBLES — Despite disappointing rain last weekend, the community was able to enjoy some sun and art for the annual Spring Art in the Park. Many artists and craftsmen persevered through the rain on Saturday, April 13, and were welcomed with mid-morning blue skies on Sunday.

Recovering from the corporate world, photographer Nic Stover has spent the last four years as a professional photographer, traveling all over the world when he isn’t teaching photography classes at his home base of San Luis Obispo.

“I get to do this full time, so I’m really lucky in that regard,” Stover told Paso Robles Press/Atascadero News. “I have images from all over the world.”


Having his images printed on metal canvases not only brings his photography to life but were also convenient with the rainy weather on Saturday.

Specializing in nature and landscape, Stover says that the Central Coast boasts many opportunities to capture beautiful images.

“I’ve always been an outdoor guy but I made the decision to get involved in photography and more full-time and then was able to build it into my profession,” said Stover. 

The spring Art in the Park is a must show for Stover to attend since he is usually traveling the world in the fall. What sets him apart from other photographers is he has no social media — rare these days for a photographer. 

“I just didn’t have a healthy relationship with social, social media going all the way back into 2017 and going back in 2016,” he explained. “And I made the choice in 2018 to get off completely.”

Some people told Stover that decision would be the end of his profession as a photographer, but he is happy to report that he has been thriving ever since.

Among artists and photographers were many craftspeople at this year’s show. Bobbi Matuk of Paso Robles showcased her naturally dyed fabrics and clothing. 

After taking a class a few years ago, Matuk was hooked and made her own business Couleur de la vie — meaning “color from life.”

“I just fell in love with the whole process and then I just started experimenting and learning more and now I grow my own flowers that I use to do my dyeing with. I do also purchase some ancient dyeing materials,” she said.

All of Matuks fabrics and clothing are natural fibers which produce the best imprints and colors with the natural dyes. 

This was Matuk’s fifth time at the Paso Robles Art in the Park weekend show, “I like this show because you get locals that are coming down, your friends, that stop by to see you. And you get tourists that are just walking around, you know, because … this is just such a beautiful location.”

Some artists took advantage of the rainy weather to create unique art pieces. 

Morro Bay-based watercolor artist Kim Winberry could be seen on Sunday painting sea horses on a canvas that she prepped with blue paint and then setting it outside in the rain, creating a natural ocean like scene.

Winberry enjoys focusing on sea life and anything that provokes her interest.

The next Art in the Park weekend show is scheduled for Nov. 2-3. You can find more information here pasoroblesartinthepark.com/PUBLICSIDE/welcome.html

Featured Image: Bobbi Matuk of Paso Robles showcased her naturally dyed fabrics and clothing at the Spring Art in the Park event on April 13. Photo by Camille DeVaul