Essential: to make perfect, complete, pure, necessary. As an avid outdoors woman and social animal (who has been an active Kennedy’s member since 2002), there was not much to make me feel complete during theMarch thru June quarantine. I attempted lonely walks thru the country roads in Creston only to return home to find calm and comfort in Cheetos and ice cream. A tall order and it did not fulfill me. Then, a ray of hope!! I heard that some of my aqua buddies were walking Tues and Thurs at Centennial park!! Yippee!! I quickly joined them and the empty hole in my heart began to fill. Then, another bright light in late May!!  Someone had spotted activity at the pool at Kennedy’s!!  Could it be true?! I used my detective skills and raced over to fine Keith and Tiffiny who were working on a planto open the pool!! June!!!! the pool opened, limited access to indoors was opened and I discovered calm and happiness again!! What is essential may be invisible to the eye but it shines quite brightly in the human heartPlease consider Kennedy’s an essential business!!

Victoria Mehalick

I am a 74 year old women who is a member of Kennedy Club fitness in Paso Robles. In March I was in the hospital and when I returned home I was greeted by the Covid shutdown order.  My family was concerned for me so brought me food, sent care packages and talked to me on the phone.  It didn’t work!  I’m a social person an need interaction with others. I began to decline and become very depressed.  My doctor said I needed to get some exercise. My granddaughter worked at Kennedy and told me about the Aqua Aerobics class. They were open and so I tried it. I met some really great people my age and became part of a group that is supportive and fun.
I began to enjoy my life again. I started trying other classes ( Yoga, Pilates, and Prime Time). My doctor is amazed at how things have changed for me physically and mentally.  I’m happy and healthy!
All the classes and people and instructors are VERY careful and everything is sanitized after each class. We all wear masks and social distance. I have not heard of one person in my group, or the whole gym for that matter,  having contracted Covid!  Since March!
If the gym closes and I have no where to work out, and as importantly no where to socialize with my friends, I will be lost!
Let me restate – not ONE case of Covid from this gym since March!  Do we really want to shut down a place that keeps people healthy and happy during this horrible time!! KEEP KENNEDY OPEN!

Roberta Burgh


I have a back injury that is prescribed exercises that I need access to a gym to perform.

Jessica C.

Exercise keeps me from becoming obese and diabetic because it raises my metabolism and keeps my body moving. Walking is not sufficient. I need the motivation of paying for a gym membership to keep me consistently exercising. Exercise also helps maintain a strong core and good balance, so is important as I age. I need to be with others to keep me motivated to exercise. I need the structure of a gym, a place where I can focus and work on me. It also keeps the blues away. It helps me stay positive and focused on all that I still have. Please don’t take gyms and other physical fitness facilities away. We need them like we need grocery stores. They feed my physical and mental health.

Midori F.

Kennedy Gym – Essential business – serves senior population with water aerobics and small group exercise classes. Not only is exercise essential but social interaction for people of our age. I believe we act responsibly and not endanger fellow members of the gym or our community. Keep Kennedy open!

Terry Hensley

“Personal health maintenance is essential during anyone’s lifetime, but could save your live during COVID as it boosts your immune system.

Michael Passegger

I am 65 years old and have several issues with my body that require gym access to accommodate. I am not concerned with the COIVD virus, what does bother me is not being able to access exercise and physical rehab at the gym. Gyms are MOST definitely essential – keep the gyms open. I lost 15% of my body mass during the first lockdown You are killing more people than not with another lockdown. Do the right thing, open the gyms or you will have more people dying from everything other than COVID.

Gary Andrew

Going to the gym is saving my sanity!! In these uncertain times, you need your mental and physical health to help you get through this madness. We are taking every precaution and seriously abided by the guidelines. We need the gym to stay OPEN!

Patsy Gillen

Best to be strong. Being with others of the same mindset is so helpful. Avoid stress – exercise, swim!

Linda Colwell