My Aqua Aerobics history spans 22 years and has been instrumental to effectively eliminate all back pain I was experiencing prior to beginning this therapy. This continued and consistent exercise has resulted in my being in excellent health to the point that I don’t get sick and have not once contracted the flu during this time. Members wear masks walking to the pool and some continue to wear them in the pool. Employees are exemplary in their sanitation practices effectively wiping customer contact surfaces including equipment handles and doorways.  Scheduled exercise classes (beyond Aqua Aerobics) distance members by no less than 10 feet including my formally indoor classes which have been relocated to the outside basketball court. Inside stationary bicycle classes are now held outside as well with the same distancing.  Our weather in California allows members to exercise outside, in a purposely safe Covid-19 manner. Closing Kennedy Club Fitness and other health club memberships would not serve the best interests of the residents of California.

Glenda Goulet