I am writing about the upcoming primary election, on June 7, for the San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder. There are 3 candidates running for this position, but only one of them has actual experience in the Clerk field. That candidate is Elaina Cano.

Elaina started her Clerk experience in 2004, as a Deputy City Clerk for the City of San Luis Obispo. She has been a City Clerk in a few cities, the Assistant Clerk-Recorder for San Luis Obispo County, and also worked in the Santa Barbara County Clerk-Recorder office. In October 2021, Elaina was appointed by the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors as the Interim County Clerk-Recorder, to serve until this upcoming election.

This 17-year journey from Deputy City Clerk to Interim County Clerk-Recorder gave Elaina extensive experience in both the City Clerk and County Clerk-Recorder world. In all of these positions, she has learned the importance of serving as a neutral and impartial elections official, maintaining and preserving public records, and effectively serving the community.

This position is a non-partisan position. Please don’t just vote for the person that is in your political party, vote for the person with experience.

Our well-loved former County Clerk-Recorder, Julie Rodewald, who served San Luis Obispo County for 20 years, has wholeheartedly endorsed Elaina Cano. I am also retired after 20 years of service as the City Clerk of Atascadero. I also strongly encourage everyone to vote for the candidate with experience….Elaina Cano.

Marcia McClure Torgerson