Hello my name is Polly Manson and I have been a member at Kennedy for about 6 years. At that time I worked as a caregiver for the elderly so swimming was imperative to keep my body in shape and my mind alert

On November 13, 2015, I was involved in a horrific car accident in Paso Robles. Someone pushed me off the road and I ended up over in the Salinas River bed 40 feet down. No one seen this happen so consequently I had to spend 14 hours in my car trapped until I was rescued by some Caltrans workers who looked over the edge of the hill and saw my car this accident sent me to Fresno Regional Medical Center where I spent 21 days in their facility. I broke both my ankles both my wrists my sternum and my back.

Consequently these injuries kept me in a hospital bed for 128 days straight. I had been swimming before the accident. I got out of the hospital with a walker. I had only been out of the hospital about nine days and my doctor said that I can go back and get in the pool so that’s what I did the water is such a miracle for me. I’m not just one of the people who can go without being in the pool. The water helps my emotions on an even keel . Please consider the people who’ve had horrific injuries that use the water as a type of Rehabilitation to keep them moving . I can’t say it enough water  is my lifeline  the water helps my body to keep moving, and my mind from bouts of depression.

Thank you for your time, Polly Manson

Getting through this together, Paso Robles