By Blake Ashley Frino-Gerl

Family is what makes Paso Robles RadioShack. Retired CPA Phil Hasel and his son, James, decided to purchase the store when they learned that Coast Electronics’ Paso Robles location was for sale. James, being a software engineer with two Master’s degrees and a love of technology, including as a DJ in the 1990s, heightened their interest. 

“Following discussions and calculations, we came to an agreement to purchase the RadioShack operation in Paso Robles,” Phil says.


On September 1, 2023, they took ownership/management of the Paso Robles store. 

“Although now having separate ownership, we continue to work very closely with Coast Electronics, sharing inventory and technical skills for the various repair and installation work that is requested,” Phil clarifies.

As one of the authorized RadioShack dealers, Phil and James work in the store, fill the walls with increasing inventory, and listen to customer requests to meet their needs. 

“Some customers walk in to look around, not realizing RadioShack is still alive,” Phil finds. “They may reminisce about their interaction some 20-plus years ago before the bankruptcy of Tandy Industries, the parent company of RadioShack, that resulted in the closure of all the corporate-owned stores leaving only the individual franchise stores.” 

Customers will find the particular battery they are looking for, along with a certain resistor, fuse, a laptop computer charger, or guitar strings. 

“We have a little specialty in batteries that include batteries for a watch, key fob, camera, specialty application, and batteries for the old landline phone and more,” Phil says.

Interacting with and learning from customers is something Phil enjoys. Oftentimes Phil finds that when there are multiple customers, they can weigh in on what they are trying to achieve and there is a team effort, which he finds “wonderful.”

Paso Robles Radio Shack

1171 Creston Road #109, Paso Robles

(805) 369-2811


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