With the lack of seasonal rain, weed abatement is especially important early this season

With the lack of seasonal rain this year, it is especially important that property owners reduce hazardous vegetation as soon as possible. While the City of Paso Robles has a year-round hazardous fuels ordinance, our seasonal abatement inspections will begin on May 1. Any property not in compliance will receive a written notice. All property owners are encouraged to abate their properties as soon as possible to help reduce the spread of wildfire.

• Clear lots by mowing or discing to a maximum height of 4 inches. This includes vegetation that may be
green now, but dries later. Remove all cuttings.
• Clearance shall be a minimum of 50 feet in width at the perimeter of a parcel and from any roadway, a
minimum of 100 feet around all structures, abatement should not disturb the soil under oak trees.
• Clear all dead leaves, weeds, brush, trees, and tree limbs.
• Remove excess trash, wood, or other combustibles from the property.

clearance guide
Weed Abatement Inspections Begin May 1

City of Paso Robles residents please call 805-227-7560 with any questions