The unsinkable spirit of Paso Robles continues to power through the cold dark nights of the 2020 winter

As is the story of 2020, the Vine Street Victorian Showcase is no exception to trying things a little differently. A clean break from the drama of post-election debate and arguments over the latest governor’s “orders,” the annual Paso Robles Vine Street event was lights on and drive through with familiar faces and bright, shiny places.

Instead of the usual crowds of thousands of people walking up and down the 1-mile strip of Vine Street, it was a vehicle parade of several hundred cars and trucks with cheery voices shouting season’s greetings from the windows.

The usual bright spots on Vine Street were lit up with the holiday spirit up and down the strip. Ebenezer Scrooges white-light second-floor deck was empty however, as he joined in the parade to shout his “bah humbug” rhetoric up and down at the drivers and passersby from the back of a vintage auto driven by 2018 Pioneer Day Marshal Bob Tullock, who was escorting the founder of the Showcase, Norma Moye.

2020 Vine Street Victorian Showcase 52
Norma Moye, Bob Tullock, and Ebenezer Scrooge cruise Vine Street for the Victorian Showcase on Saturday night. Photo by Hayley Mattson

Also making their way up and down the strip were Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, the Snow King and Queen in a sleigh towed by lighted reindeer.


Along with those driving up and down the strip, some were on foot to enjoy the sidewalk views. Entertaining the crowds was the North County Dance and Performing Arts Foundation performing the annual Nutcracker Suite with graceful ballet dancers delivering an outdoor presentation complete with decorative masks on the dancers.

The resilient spirit of the community was on display with children hanging out windows cheering their favorite season’s greetings, with “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” filling the air between passing vehicles. Meanwhile, downtown the community shared outdoor dining to support the local restaurants and enjoy the downtown park tree lighting and decor.

Saturday was the first of two weekends for the Vine Street Victorian Showcase, and next week it will be rolling again on December 19.