Community members participated in 5K Beer Run to support Templeton Recreation Department

TEMPLETON — Runners and walkers alike arose early and met at BarrelHouse Brewing Company Saturday morning, June 24, all in the name of beer and supporting local youth programs. Over 110 community members participated in the 6th Annual Templeton 5K Beer Run to support the Templeton Recreation Department.

The Beer Run was introduced by the Templeton Recreation Foundation (TRF) in 2016. Initially considering a wine-country run, the idea for a beer run gained traction, and the TRF approached the Carvalho family, co-owners of BarrelHouse Brewing Company, to collaborate on the event.

2023 Templeton Beer Run Derek Luff3807 Sh
Participants in the Templeton 5K Beer Run enjoy some cold ones on Saturday, June 24, after completing the run at BarrelHouse Brewing Company in Templeton. Photo by Derek Luff

TRF President Geoff English, told Paso Robles Press, “Our mission is to raise funds and provide assistance to the Templeton Recreation Department and parks in Templeton, and we put on a variety of fundraisers throughout the year.”

The Templeton REC Foundation, registered as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, works to bridge the funding gap for the Templeton Recreation Department. Their efforts aim to maintain existing parks and sports fields while developing new facilities for the community’s recreational needs. Thanks to fundraising endeavors like the Beer Run, the foundation has sponsored programs such as sports team sponsorships, the Templeton Summer Concerts in the Park program, and amenities enhancements like shade covers and picnic tables.

The Templeton 5K Beer Run commenced at 8 a.m., offering participants a 5-ounce taster of BarrelHouse’s beloved brews at the starting line. As the runners completed the race, they were greeted with snacks and a full pint of beer, generously donated by BarrelHouse Brewing Company. 

English expressed gratitude for the partnership with BarrelHouse Brewing Company, stating, “Jason and his staff have been great. They have been really good partners.” 

The Beer Run, while promoting an enjoyable and lively atmosphere, also served as a family-friendly event, welcoming the participation of children and pets.

2023 Templeton Beer Run Derek Luff3778 Sh
The BarrelHouse Brewing Company was again the setting for the 6th Annual Templeton 5K Beer Run, which raises fund for the Templeton Recreation Department. Photo by Derek Luff

According to English, this year’s Beer Run raised several thousand dollars for the Templeton Recreation Department. The exact profit figures are yet to be determined, but all funds generated by the event will go directly to support the department’s initiatives and programs.

“It was a great day. The weather was agreeable and participants were in an agreeable mood,” English said of the sixth annual run. “It was a family-friendly, dog-friendly fun run that raised several thousand dollars for the rec department.”

TRF operates a scholarship program designed to fund the participation of children residing within the Templeton Unified School District boundaries. This program aims to cover registration costs for youth sports and recreation programs offered by the Templeton Recreation Department. By providing this opportunity, the foundation ensures that every Templeton child can engage in these activities regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.

Currently, TRF is raising funds for specific park improvement projects. More specifically, they are in the works of getting permits for a playground structure for Evers Sports Field. The playground has been designed and will be going out to bid soon with hopes of construction starting this fall.

The foundation holds fundraisers throughout the year to support youth programs. 

“We’re always looking for volunteers for programs and events,” English said. 

To learn more about the Templeton Recreation Foundation, visit

Feature Image: Templeton Recreation Foundation President Geoff English (far right) is shown with some of foundation’s volunteers at BarrelHouse Brewing Company during the Templeton 5K Beer Run on Saturday, June 24. Photo by Derek Luff