Templeton Middle School student Reagan Neville was on Team Great Britain in the competition

TEMPLETON — Softball superstar Reagan Neville made her return to the Triple Crown Softball International Challenge Tournament for the second year. At the tournament, which took place in Colorado from June 24-26, Neville once again represented Team Great Britain.

“To be on the team, since I was on Great Britain, you either have a parent or grandparent to play, that was either born or lives in Great Britain,” Reagan said. “I have a grandma there, so I got to be on the Great Britain team [because of] that.”

Thirteen-year-old Reagan, who will be going into the eighth grade at Templeton Middle School in the fall, tried out for the Great Britain team via video. And for the second year in a row, Coach Tohn Hughes selected her to be a part of the team.


“It was a little bit different for me just because it was an 18u tournament, and I am 13. So it was more college girls and college scouts,” she said of being one of the youngest players at the tournament.

Reagan and the Great Britain team made it all the way to the semifinals, which is where their journey ended at the tournament.

“It was great. It was a lot of fun. We played five games,” Reagan added. “The teams this year were definitely better.”

This year, Reagan was also selected to compete on the 2022 Great Britain Under-15 Women’s Fastpitch Team and has a tournament coming up in Amsterdam in the next couple of weeks. After that will be a tournament later this year in Italy and the World Cup next year. 

“We have competitions all over Europe,” Reagan said.

Unlike playing in the Triple Crown International Challenge, to be a part of the Great Britain national team, you need to at least have dual citizenship to play. 

“Everybody has to be a citizen of Great Brittain. You have [to have] a dual citizenship,” she said. 

Reagan, who’s been playing softball since the age of 4, already has her eyes set on a college career in softball. She currently has her sights set on Texas A&M or the University of Washington.