Two clicks of the mouse converts all information on Paso Robles’ richest news site to Spanish

As COVID-19 ravaged our local and global community, it was never more important for us to reach local readers with language they could understand. As SLO County and the City of Paso Robles began distributing content in both English and Spanish, we were inspired to engage our Spanish speaking population.

The Paso Robles Press began widely distributing content in Spanish as well as English, to provide our community with the information it needed to stay safe and flatten the curve, in any language.

While we are still recruiting a local writer to cover topics specifically important to local Spanish speakers, we have installed technology to distribute our English language content in Spanish to help local readers receive information they are interested in. The language barrier is thinner than ever, and Paso Robles Press web content can translated to Spanish with an easy-to-use option.

You must be logged in to utilize the language options.

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After registering for the site, you can change the language of the entire site to Spanish.

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Click the Globe on the Top Right of the Page.

Click the globe at the top right of the page, and choose the Spanish flag to convert the content to Spanish. More languages can be made available upon request.

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Paso Robles Press in English

Choosing Spanish converts the entire site content, except ads and images, to Spanish. Browsers that have the native language selected as Spanish will automatically be set up for our Spanish selection.

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Paso Robles Press in Spanish.