In light of hopeful tier changes coming soon, Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin spoke to the public in a video regarding COVID-19.

“Hello and greetings.

This is Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin. There’s good news today regarding the coronavirus pandemic. 

Locally and nationally, the spread of the virus is slowing.

Fewer people are testing positive, fewer people are being hospitalized, and fewer people are dying.

For more than a year, we’ve been playing defense with this scourge; now we can finish this fight. If local trends continue, we may be able to ascend from the purple tier of restrictions and begin a more comprehensive opening of our businesses and our facilities. To accomplish that, we must do two things. First, get vaccinated.

A significant number of front-line workers and elderly have already been inoculated. Go to to learn when it’s your turn and make an appointment at one of the three vaccination centers in San Luis Obispo county.

And if you are tech challenged, you can call (805)543-2444 for assistance.

Yes, it will take some time and patience, but it’s crucial we all receive the vaccine as soon as possible.

Second. Don’t let your guard down—face masking, social distancing, hand washing, more important than ever.

The virus is going down, and we have to keep it down.

Get vaccinated as soon as possible and double down on infection control.

We’re going on offense against COVID-19, and we all have a part to play to rid our community of this pandemic.

This is Paso Robles Mayor, Steve Martin, reminding you to stay informed, stay involved, and stay strong, Paso Robles. We’ll talk again soon.”

To view the video, visit Steve Martin.