Tickets now on sale for Redwings block party on Sept. 18

PASO ROBLES — Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Paso Robles gained a new resident last week. Buck comes to Redwings after serving 12 years on the United States Air Force patrol team.

Four horses retired from the patrol team last Tuesday from Vandenberg Space Force Base, which held a retirement ceremony for the patrol horses. Buck plans to spend his retirement at Redwings’ new location on Union Road in Paso Robles, where they have 141 acres of pasture.

“I think he is going to like Redwings,” said Redwings Board Member and Development Officer Linelle Soxman.


According to Soxman, Buck is adjusting incredibly well. He especially gets excited seeing the mares in the next pasture. 

“We are happy to be able to offer a great home to him,” Soxman said. “He’s worked hard for 12 years, he has served his country and now hopefully he can be in a nice big pasture and just enjoy life.”

Redwings Horse Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization that began in Carmel over 30 years ago before making its way to Lockwood and now its newest location closer to town in Paso Robles. They began with a mission to end the abuse of horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, and burros through rescue and foster care. 

The sanctuary is currently home to 78 horses, and since its move to their Union Road location, the nonprofit has adopted out 30 horses to new homes and gained more volunteers.

On Sept. 18, Redwings will be celebrating their 31st anniversary with a block party. There will be tours of the property, and food, beer, and wine will be available. There will also be live music from Monte Mills and The Lucky Horseshoe Band, shaved ice from Paradise Shaved Ice, a live auction, photo booth, and lots of fun games for the family.

Tickets are on sale now for the block party. Proceeds from the party go towards supporting medical care and feeding for the horses for the year.

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