Austin Hope and Hope Family Wines teed up with nonprofit to unite tradition, shenanigans, and philanthropy 

PASO ROBLES — In an “it’s ball or nothing” attitude, Austin Hope and the team at Hope Family Wines came together to host another record-breaking golf tournament, leveraging regional wine industry partnerships to raise over $120,000 for Must! Charities. The ever-popular and always colorful tournament brings together interests from across the wine industry for an action-packed day focused on giving back to the region.

Since 2015, the start of this beautiful “friend-chip,” the Austin Hope Golf Tournament has raised half a million dollars for Must! Charities. From youth mentorship to homelessness to pandemic relief, the tournament’s effect has positively impacted the people of this community and demonstrates Hope Family Wine’s passion to support a strong and sustainable community for all its people.

“I am speechless, really. Each year, the team at Hope Family Wines puts so much time and energy into the tournament and each year, they continue to give more,” says Becky Gray, executive director at Must! Charities. “And here we sit again, with another record-breaking year and I can’t help but reflect on the lives that will be directly impacted as a result of their generosity.”


The Austin Hope Golf Tournament is held each May as a tradition to kick off Paso Robles Wine Festival Weekend. It embodies community spirit with a cause and leverages the power of individual contributions that together make BIG impacts in the community.

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About Must! Charities:

Must! Charities identifies the most critical needs in our community, vets organizations that are serving those needs, then invests in the organization’s infrastructure so they are well positioned to create positive, measurable change for years to come. We are people who have an intrinsic desire to build a stronger community through an investment-minded approach. We are small business owners, stay at home parents, middle managers, college students, CEOs of major firms and together, we harness the community’s collective giving potential.