Kevin Clerici, Executive Director of Downtown Ventura Partners, and Hazel Davalos, Community Organizing Director for CAUSE, have been appointed to the Peoples’ Self-Help Housing’s Board of Directors.

“We are thrilled to have the professional insight and wealth of knowledge that Kevin and Hazel are bringing to our organization,” PSHH President & CEO John Fowler said. “Their dedication to the Central Coast and passion for assisting low-income communities aligns perfectly with our mission. We are honored to have them join us.”

Kevin Clerici is currently the Executive Director of Downtown Ventura Partners and has ties with the International & California Downtown Associations. In addition, Kevin serves on the Board of the Ventura Community Partners Foundation, Ventura County Behavioral Health Advisory Board, and the Ventura County Continuum of Care. He is an active volunteer for City Center Transitional Living, Ventura Botanical Gardens, and Ventura Social Services Task Force and has been additionally recognized for his work as Fiscal Receiver/Coordinator of the West Ventura County Winter Warming Shelter.

Hazel Davalos serves as the Community Organizing Director for CAUSE in Santa Maria and has previously worked with the North County Coalition Fair, The Fund for Santa Barbara, and was the recipient of both the 2019 Latino Legacy Award and the 2013 Santa Maria Women of Excellence award. Hazel is passionate about grass roots organization, serving as a bilingual interpreter and a certified professional coach. Hazel earned a BA in Sociology and Women’s Studies from UC Santa Barbara.


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