The donation will help cover expenses such as equipment, uniforms, competition fees, and travel costs

PASO ROBLES — In an act of community support and generosity, the Paso Robles Elks Lodge #2364 has donated $2,200 to the Paso Robles High School (PRHS) stunt team, providing a much-needed financial boost to the athletic program.

This donation will assist the team in covering expenses such as equipment, uniforms, competition fees, and travel costs. The contribution underscores the Elks Lodge’s commitment to investing in the youth of Paso Robles and fostering a spirit of camaraderie and excellence within the local education system.

The Paso Robles High School stunt team is a dynamic group of student-athletes who perform high-energy routines that combine gymnastics, acrobatics, and teamwork. Stunt, recognized as one of the fastest-growing female sports in the country, emphasizes the athletic skills and competitive nature of cheerleading while focusing on precise, synchronized movements and teamwork.

The Paso Robles Elks Lodge #2364, with a long history of philanthropy, continues to make a positive impact on the community by supporting local causes and initiatives. Their mission aligns with the principles of charity, justice, brotherly love, and fidelity, aiming to serve the people and the nation.

The Exalted Ruler of the Paso Robles Elks Lodge, Carson Landreth, expressed his enthusiasm for the stunt team’s upcoming season. 

“We are proud to contribute to the success of these young athletes,” Landreth said. “Our Lodge recognizes the hard work, dedication, and discipline required to excel in sports like stunt. We believe that our support can help pave the way for success both on and off the field.”

The generous act by Paso Robles Elks Lodge #2364 has not only provided immediate benefits to the high school stunt team but also exemplifies the spirit of community engagement and support that thrives in Paso Robles. The high school and the Elks Lodge hope that this partnership will inspire more community involvement in supporting local youth programs.

For more information on how to support the Paso Robles High School stunt team or to learn more about the activities of the Elks Lodge #2364, interested parties can contact the high school’s athletic department or the Elks Lodge directly.

This contribution marks a significant milestone in the relationship between the Paso Robles Elks Lodge and the high school, paving the way for future collaborations and continued community development.

2024 Paso Robles High School Stunt Team:

Claire Wells 2024 (Captain)

Savannah Alviso 2024

Alondra Anguiano 2025

Jamie Barnett 2024

Corina Boneso 2027

Teagan Borla 2026

Ava Bourgault 2027

Brissia Centeno 2025

Lilliana Corliss 2026

Kayla Degnan 2024

Taylor Gignoux 2026

CeCelia Hepburn 2026

Abigail Johnson 2027

Brooke Lewis 2024

Caelee Martines 2024

Kiana Martinez 2025

Bianca Rangel 2024

Janely Rendon 2026

Stephanie Roman Sabiron 2025

Jossellyn Ruiz Juarez 2024

Julia Sanchez 2024

Alexa Solorio Diego 2024

Kaylie Toby 2024

Vanessa Verduzco 2024

Jaz Villareal 2026


Vanessa Espinoza

Coni Wells

Feature Image: Paso Robles Elks Lodge Exalted Ruler Elks Lodge Carson Landreth presents donation to Paso Robles High stunt team. Photo Courtesy of Paso Robles Elks Lodge