PASO ROBLES — Family and friends of Trevon Perry gathered in Paso Robles City Park on Mar. 15, marking the first anniversary of his murder. 

To commemorate their friend, brother, son, family, and friends joined together in a memorial cruise, driving from Walmart, and ended at City Park, meeting in front of the park bench dedicated to Perry’s memory.

Perry’s younger sister, Caryssa Esquivel, said, “I hope that something like this can happen on every anniversary. I don’t want this to fade away. I want people to remember the name Trevon Perry forever.”

Perry, 28, Paso Robles resident, was reported missing on Mar. 16, 2020. His body was found on Jun. 18, 2020, at a home in the City of Riverside.

Perry Memorial Cruise Little Girl

Several arrests have been made in relation to Perry’s murder.

The first arrest was made on Jun. 28, 2020, when Paso Robles Police Department detectives along with the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office arrested 23-year-old Nicholas Ron of Paso Robles for the murder of Perry.

Most recently, Mario Rostro III (23, Lovelock, NV) and Heather Montgomery (25, Lovelock, NV) were arrested in Lovelock, Nevada for 32 PC, accessory to murder on Feb. 18.

“Every arrest is getting us closer to justice–every arrest, every new court date is a tiny step forward, and that big step will be a trial. We will get our answers, hopefully, as long as the truth is going told,” said Esquivel.

For a history of arrests in the Perry case, read our previous article here.

Esquivel said, “My message throughout this whole thing has been right is right, wrong is wrong. If someone you love is doing something wrong and you support that, I think that’s wrong–I think people need to stand up, speak up, and not be quiet because that’s why people don’t get justice.”

Perry Memorial Cruise Bench 2
Paso Robles City Park Bench dedicated to the memory of Trevon Perry and Cristopher Wilson. Photos by Camille DeVaul

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