Dina Mande’s photo exhibition and wine tasting unveil 6-month project

Celebrate mature women of all shapes, sizes, lifestyles and backgrounds at the 50 Over 50 Photo Exhibition and Wine Tasting created and developed by local producer and photographer Dina Mande. Mande will unveil the results of her 6-month long body-positivity project on Saturday, February 15, 2020 from 5 – 8 pm at the Domaine Degher Tasting Room in downtown Paso Robles. Tickets are $10.

The photo showcase will feature photographs of women over 50 years old that she captured during a “model for a day adventure” in her private studio.

Mande’s project was born from her philosophy that the more we see images of mature women who are happy, confident and unafraid of aging, the more we are encouraged to feel better about ourselves at any age.

“I set out to show how beautiful women are as they age, and it’s turned into something magical. So many women over the age of 50 feel that they are disappearing, that they are becoming invisible,” Mande said. “So, I wanted to show that women at this age are still beautiful, still vibrant. Many are starting new careers, starting new businesses, thriving and giving back.”


How You Can Be Part of the Project
Mande recently launched her next 50 Over 50 project and plans to continue photographing women throughout 2020 in both her Paso Robles studio and her second studio in Napa Valley. Each photo session includes a professional makeover with hair and makeup, and styling from what Mande calls her “Dream Wardrobe Collection” of more than 100 dresses, gowns and accessories for all sizes that her clients can borrow for their two-hour private shoot. The session costs $249 dollars. To find out more information go to www.dinamande.com