Weddings, funerals, and farmers’ markets are among those NOT affected by latest guidance

While there are currently no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in San Luis Obispo County (as of today, March 12), the Public Health Department is adhering to the executive order and  directive issued by Governor Newsom on March 11 that all non-essential large events should be cancelled or postponed, at least through the month of March.

This statement, issued at the recommendation of state public health experts, calls for cancelling or postponing:

  • non-essential events of more than 250 people
  • non-essential gatherings of less than 250 people that do not allow social distancing of at least six feet between participants
  • non-essential gatherings of more than 10 individuals who are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19

Per the governor’s directive, this does NOT include:

  • regular school or work activities
  • public transportation and airport travel
  • shopping at a store or mall

The County of SLO Public Health Department, like others across the state, is working to help residents and organizations clarify how this directive applies to other types of events. For the time being, given the current state guidance and current situation in SLO County, this directive does not apply to:

  • weddings
  • funerals
  • farmer’s markets where people shop for their regular groceries

For other events not specifically addressed, event organizers should take steps to limit the risk to participants by postponing or live-streaming the event, if possible. If it is not possible to postpone or live-stream the event, organizers should implement social distancing measures such as allowing attendees to maintain a distance of six feet from one another. Individuals who are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19, including those over age 60 and those who have serious chronic medical conditions such as heart or lung disease, diabetes, or immunocompromise, should take extra care and consider not participating in such events.

See detailed recommendations from the California Department of Public Health. Please note we expect to regularly update this guidance in response to the rapidly changing situation and updates from state leaders.  We will continue to offer clarification on specific event types as it becomes available.

For events scheduled after March, organizers will need to make a decision in part based on how far in advance they need to cancel. State leaders have indicated they may extend the directive beyond March.

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