With the holiday frenzy now just a speck in the rearview, it’s time to take ME off the backburner. It’s time to upgrade that C25K app on my phone and dust off those running shoes. I admit it, I have completely lost myself in the day-to-day shuffles as a mom: laundry, meals, cleaning, homework, sports, etc. Of course, I’m always at the bottom of my to-do-list, if I even make it on the list at all. By the time this stuff is done, forget it… I’m exhausted.
I know and understand that self-care is key for not only our own well-being but also for our children. When we replenish, it allows us to have more energy and patience. The two key ingredients to enjoying and surviving parenthood. It’s also important for your kids to see you practicing self-care because you’re modeling healthy behavior, whether it be by exercising or simply committing a half hour per night to your favorite book. Sounds easy. So, why does it seem so impossible to do?
Having another little one, a bit later in the game, left me in a completely different stage of life than most of my friends. When I would’ve normally been out and about for Girls Night Out, I was at home (happily) nursing my newborn baby boy. It was an adjustment that I became way too comfortable with. As moms, we tend to feel guilty if we spend time away from our families, but as I said earlier… it’s the best thing we can do for everyone. This is the year! Baby steps. This is where I plan to start. My first goal this year is to schedule (at least) one uninterrupted hour with a close friend. Go out for a drink, go out for a bite, or a walk/hike together. It’s about time I catch up with the ones I miss the most.
And to help kick-off my year with a self-care mindset, each day I WILL start penning in 20 minutes per day, just for me: make myself an enjoyable drink, go for a walk, paint my toenails, or simply sit on the couch, put my feet up and close my eyes. It’s time to get reacquainted with ME, Sarah (not Mommy). Time to treat myself with the same love and compassion that I treat others.