The Voice of Paso (VOP), the local online media center for the city of Paso Robles, kicks off its third year of operations by expanding services to include an all-sports radio channel, VOP – Sports Network. According to VOP owner Steve Martin, it is the fourth channel to be added since the station’s inception.

“We started the station two years ago to broadcast local high school football,” said Martin. “We would interrupt music programming to carry the games. After that we started broadcasting other high school sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, even swimming and wrestling. We added daily and weekly sports interview programs featuring local players and coaches.”

Martin said the sportscasts have become so popular that a separate channel has been reserved just for local sports. The VOP – Sports Network joins music channels VOP – Country, VOP – Classic Rock and VOP – California Jazz at In addition to sports and music, the stations carry a variety of local information programs including technology (“The Next Big Thing”), the arts (“The Art of Life”) and local news (“Reality Radio”).

Martin said VOP – Sports Network is currently carrying  the winter sports schedule for Paso Robles High School. He plans to continue broadcasting local high school sports and developing the VOP brand.


“VOP is a combination of radio and video that differs from traditional broadcast stations in several ways. First, we use the Internet as the delivery system, not a broadcast antenna. This makes for real, world-wide reach. Sound quality is CD-quality now matter where you listen to it. We have listeners contacting us from all over the country. We also have the latitude to re-broadcast local sports events and other features to make them more accessible to the listeners.”

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