Projects include Safe Routes to School; improvements to Niblick, Creston, North River

PASO ROBLES — The City of Paso Robles was recently recommended for a $13.8 million grant to improve the Niblick Corridor from Creston Road to Spring Street. The project will enhance Niblick’s four lanes while providing separate facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians. 

The planned improvements include paving, infill sidewalk, signage, striping, and a class I bicycle and pedestrian path along the north side of Niblick Road. This is the most recent of four transportation-related grants the City was recently awarded. 

Four recent grant awards will enhance traffic circulation, and student and bicycle safety:

  1. The Niblick Road Complete and Sustainable Streets Project is recommended for $13.8 million in funding for paving, crosswalks, sidewalk gap closure from Rambouillet to Country Club, signage, and a Class I bike path on the North side of Niblick. This project stretches from Spring Street to Creston Road. 
  2. The Creston Corridor Project, starts construction in 2023, received $3 million in State funding for paving, corridor enhancements, new signals at Bolen and Walnut, and sidewalks.  
  3. The Flamson Middle School Safe Routes to School Project was awarded a $750,000 Community Betterment Grant from SLOCOG. The project includes crosswalk enhancements, signal upgrades at 24th Street, striping, crosswalk lighting, flashing pedestrian signage, and enhanced student drop off zones.  
  4. North River Road Class I Bike and Pedestrian Path was awarded a $350,000 Community Betterment Grant for the design of a Class I path that will link Union/Creston Class I path with River Oaks Drive. This project will further the City’s goal to construct a class I pedestrian and bicycle path that will circle the City. The City will seek grant funding for construction once the design for this segment is complete. 

These grants were in part made possible by the City Council adopted planning documents such as the Niblick and Creston Corridor Plans, Local Roadway Safety Plan, and 2018 General Plan Circulation Element.” I can’t stress enough how these adopted planning documents are the key to the City’s success”, said City Engineer David Athey. “The grant agencies want to know that there is a larger plan in place and that projects are supported by the community”, Athey said. This is the second transportation related grant that the City has received for Niblick Road. The City also received a crosswalk enhancement grant in 2021.