Phase Two of the coronavirus crisis continues in our county. We are experiencing in real life the things we have been warned about.

First, this is something new. It is not the flu. There is no vaccine yet. There is no natural immunity. Anyone can catch it. Anyone can spread it. Sometimes without symptoms. And it’s happening right here, right now in our county and our city.

Those infected generally do experience symptoms including fever and difficulty breathing two to 14 days after catching the COVID-19 virus.

If we are at war with COVID-19, our battle is to slow its spread. Flatten the infection curve so local doctors and hospitals can care for the infected while still providing normal healthcare services.

The best way to slow the spread is to stay at home as much as possible and keep your distance from others when you must go out. Wash your hands frequently.

The good news from the battlefront is that physical distancing seems to be working. Early indications from the San Francisco Bay area are that the rate of infection may be slowing. Only time will tell and we can’t let our guard down.

We are going to win this war because we are fighting it together.

If you need information or assistance visit or call (805) 543-2444. To access City of Paso Robles resources visit And, of course, you can contact me at or by call (805) 227-7210.

So far we have fought the good fight and fought it well. We have sheltered at home. We have kept our distance in public. We have washed our hands repeatedly. We have stayed in touch with family, friends and neighbors.

Don’t stop now.

This is Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin reminding you to stay informed, stay involved and stay strong Paso Robles.

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