Alternative C selected as preferred plan; staff to review funding options

PASO ROBLES — The City of Paso Robles conducted a community survey during the planning process for the future of the Niblick corridor — to “help make Niblick Road safe and convenient for everyone.”

A Caltrans grant for sustainable transportation planning funded the project. The City of Paso Robles hosted a public study session on Feb. 6 to discuss options for the development of one of the most-heavily trafficked arteries in Paso Robles.

The goal of the plan for Niblick is to improve traffic, coordinate circulation, make Niblick Road safer for pedestrians and cyclists, and improve stormwater handling and streetscape enhancements.

Three alternatives were presented with varying degrees of development for the improvement of the corridor.


The survey, conducted in January, was answered more than 900 times, and part of the City Council consideration as they discussed the options at the public meeting.

Of those who answered the survey, nearly 12 percent confirmed they bike on Niblick, and more than 18 percent stated they walk on the corridor.

In regards to safety, 86 percent of respondents said safety was a concern on the corridor, but only 56 percent agreed that speeds were too high.

With the feedback of the survey, the Feb. 6 meeting gave the public a chance to interact with City Council to finalize the decision on which plan to pursue.

Of the three plans, Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin said Alternative C was the most favored by all input and is also the most expensive.

The goal is “carrying the most traffic the most safely,” Martin said. “The main driving issues on our decision were that option three was favored by the public, offered the greatest safety and security for the pedestrian and bicycle traffic.”

The Council returned their decision to City staff, and await information from City staff on specifics regarding the plan’s future.

“They [City staff] will come back to us with funding options,” Martin said, “and if we don’t find the funding for option three, then we have a fall back to option one, which is a much simpler plan.”

Information about the plans and options can be found at