Certificated and classified staff recognized for exceptional contributions to the PRJUSD

PASO ROBLES — Five individuals were honored on Tuesday, May 7, at the annual Paso Robles Joint Unified School District (PRJUSD) Employee of the Year Celebration. Winners of the awards meet several requirements and are voted for at site and district levels.

This year’s winners are: 

  • Administrator of the Year is Audra Carr
  • Certificated Employee of the Year is Kristin Ring 
  • Classified Employee of the Year is Jose Cisneros 
  • Rookie of the Year is Madison Esteves 
  • Student Support Services Employee of the Year is Megan Healy 

“These people are what makes Paso Robles Joint Unified School District so amazing,” said Assistant Superintendent Shauna Ames said of this year’s winners. “Our school staff is made up of incredible individuals who daily go above and beyond and this staff is always there for each other.”


Employees of the Year meet a specific criteria for both certificated and classified staff. To become and Employee of the Year, certificated staff must create a supportive learning environment, integrate writing and technology, value diversity, collaborate using data, and connect the classroom with the community. For classified staff, they must exhibit outstanding achievements, fulfill district guiding principles, demonstrate core values, support academic excellence, and engage in community involvement.

The nomination process includes employees submitting their nominations at the site level. Each site then votes on their certificated and classified Employee of the Year to represent them at the district level. Those names then moved forward to the district-wide vote.

Administrator of the Year Audra Carr was nominated for her approachability with various situations, her kind heart, and great listening skills. 

“She will do everything humanly possible for her staff and students to make sure that everyone is seen, heard and valued,” added Ames. 

Certificated Employee of the Year Kristin Ring is known for her engaging PE lessons and single-handedly running the entire athletic program for all of the Daniel Lewis Middle School athletes.

Ames told Paso Robles Press, “She makes sure that every student who wants to participate can do so, giving all of the students a chance to find a place of belonging on the Lewis campus.”

Ring is the last remaining original employee who has been on the Daniel Lewis Middle School team since it opened. 

Classified Employee of the Year Jose Cisneros is a dedicated custodian at Kermit King Elementary School who is always willing to assist where he can with enthusiasm. 

“He approaches his duties with a high level of dedication, ensuring that our classrooms and campus are meticulously maintained to promote a healthy learning and working atmosphere,” Ames said, describing Cisneros’s praised work ethic. 

Fresh in the district, Rookie of the Year Madison Esteves is a special education teacher at Virginia Peterson Elementary School.

“Madison exhibited a keen ability to quickly grasp the responsibilities of the educational specialist and has shown a remarkable aptitude for forming strong relationships with both families and fellow staff members,” says Ames about their new addition. 

Student Support Services Employee of the Year Megan Healy is a special assignment counselor for the district. 

“Megan is always positive, willing to help and goes above and beyond,” said Ames. “She has an innate ability to make others feel welcome and at the same time, handle crisis situations with class and swift decisions.”